About Barrett Tone Productions

Fascinated with music and sound from an early age, I picked up my first guitar after rediscovering the Beatles at age 11. Quickly noticing that guitarists were everywhere for the hiring, I took up keyboards and discovered a love for the synthesizer and a talent for emulating the sounds that I heard on records. That love has never abated and I’ve been performing as a vocalist/instrumentalist since my teen years, continuing to this day.

 After skillfully lucking into a job as a sound designer with Brøderbund Software in the 1990’s, I was mentored into a top notch creative dynamo and problem solver, particularly in sound effects design and voice talent direction. When Brøderbund was bought up and then taken down, I made a leap to Leapfrog (educational toys) and continued to hone my audio skills in a fast paced, wildly creative audio environment.

 Alas, Leapfrog suffered nearly the same fate as Brøderbund and after trying on a couple more audio companies and enduring their vagaries of fortunes, I took a chance on going into business for myself. With a long track record of award winning software games, toys, TV/radio spots and app audio design, I still light up when work that I’ve done elicits an involuntarily pleased reaction from a customer. Music and audio is in my blood and I offer that experience, empathy and passion to your project too.

Let us make your sound shine.