Sound Design

Art imitates life, life is full of sounds.  The right sound can punctuate a visual, support interactivity or add emotional content far beyond what graphics alone can convey.

We’ve taken pride in providing the right sound for a host of award winning products over the years.  Whether your right sound requires effects, stingers, audio logos, ambiance or any combination, we’ll create an audio feel that feels right.

Our philosophy for creative sound design views assets like sound libraries and presets as useful for source material, innovative only as a departure point.  There are many fine libraries filled with great sounds.  If a stock sound happens to be a good fit, it’s easy for the designer to pull and use.  However, there’s nothing to set it apart from anyone else in the world using that sound.  We strive for the unique and employ a combination of libraries, musicians, field recordings, Foley and digital processing to create effects that are anything but ‘off the shelf’.