Voice Talent casting, direction and recording
Does your project need narration, character actors, anything requiring a human or nearly so voice? With your script, we source and audition talent, deliver audition files and consult with you to help attain your project’s perfect pitch.

Vocal, broadcasting and small group recording facility
Our recording room is small and well tuned, an intimate environment perfect for singers, voiceover artists, solo or duo performers and broadcasters. An engineer is of course provided for all recording sessions.

Audio Editing
Once your audio is recorded, we assemble the takes, check pacing, levels and trim the files into polished form for delivery in any format you require.

Music Composition, production and mixing
Whether you have music or need music, we’ve got the resources and expertise to make your project truly sing. Attentive and creative customer driven composing, production and mixing will be sure to catch your listener’s ear.

Soundscape and Sound Effects design
Our specialty is crafting an aural atmosphere that makes a project sound like your ultimate fantasy… or reality. With a vast library of stock and custom created sound effects and over 25 years experience at manipulating them, we create sounds for you that are anything but off-the-shelf.